Audi Q3 – What makes it the best small luxury SUV?

The new Audi Q3 has it all – luxury, style, comfort, tech and space. So, is this new version of the Q3 the best of all small luxury SUV’s? Well, according to, Audi is the 2019 small luxury SUV of the year (1). So, what does the Audi Q3 have that other small luxury SUV’s don’t? At Corporate Car Broker’s we have summed up the key features that separate the Audi Q3 from the rest.

More Space and Style

The newest Audi Q3 has significantly more space than the previous version, however, unlike other SUV’s that have this feature, the Audi Q3 has found a way to create this space without compromising on the iconic style that all Audi cars have to offer. In fact, this new version of Q3 has actually improved in the area of style. The Audi magazine says; ‘The styling of the new Q3 is a significant departure from the first generation and the model is bigger in almost all respects’ (2) and we cannot agree more. In regard to space, there is optimal leg room for all passengers, which is a unique feature of a compact SUV.

Driver Orientated

At Corporate Car Brokers, we believe that modern cars need to be practical and driver orientated. The new Audi Q3 is driver orientated in all aspects of the phrase. The ‘virtual cockpit’ is composed of a range of modern tech instruments that create a new experience when driving. The hero of this tech interior is of course the 10.25-inch digital widescreen instrument cluster which includes a 10.1-inch central touchscreen. The interior is also very practical for busy lifestyles and includes wireless phone charging and a tray that can fit all sizes of smartphones.

Comfortable in all Aspects

It goes without saying that the new Audi Q3 has all the fundamental aspects of comfort – luxury interior, comfortable seats, modern in-built air conditioning. However, this car also goes above and beyond in the area of comfort with light steering. A light steer makes those daily drives that much more comfortable – perfect for those who spend a significant amount of time driving.

Quiet but Powerful

The combination to look for if you are seeking a car for both work and family/adventure. The Audi Q3 beautifully combines power with a quiet and refined engine. The suspension is also very neat and creates a sense of comfort without compromising on the driving experience.





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