How Do Car Brokers Work?

You may have heard of car brokers before but are not exactly sure of what they are and how they work. At Corporate Car Brokers, we know the service of car brokers and think more people should be aware of this beneficial service. So, we have put together a summary of how car brokers work in 3 easy steps:

1. Initial consultation

To start the process of finding your next car, when you call or visit a car broker, they will provide an initial consultation which is usually free of charge. At Corporate Car Brokers, our initial consultation involves an exclusive ‘Needs Analysis’ which ensures you get the right vehicle with the features that fit your lifestyle needs.

2. Choose your car

Once you have completed the ‘Needs Analysis’ Corporate Car Brokers’ goes to find the best cars to suit your needs. Then, once you have chosen the car you want, we simply locate the best deals on the market and negotiate the best value for your money. We manage the tender process from start to finish, ensuring that we receive the most competitive price available. If you have already sourced a car via a dealership or private seller, at Corporate Car Brokers, we can take it from that point forward and negotiate the best deal – taking out the stress and hassle of the purchasing process.

3. Delivered to you

Corporate Car Brokers knows that our customers are time poor and so we deliver the car to you once the process is finalised. Other car brokers may or may not provide this service and it certainly comes in handy when you are juggling other aspects of your life. Just imagine the feeling of having your new car delivered to your work, home or anywhere of your choosing. You could even organise a car for your partner or employees and have it delivered to them as a surprise – what a great way to liven someone’s day!

The best part of all of this is that there is no cost to you! Some car brokers may charge upfront costs or even charge for an initial consultation. At Corporate Car Brokers, there is no upfront charge for our service and the supplier of the car covers all cost.

If this sounds too good to be true, well it is! Why go about purchasing your car any other way than through Corporate Car Brokers. The above process is so simple and takes the stress out of buying your next car, making it the positive and enjoyable process that it should be! So if you’re ready for your next car, contact Corporate Car Brokers today on 1300 539 010 or visit

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