Selling your Car Privately vs Through an Independent Broker

Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to sell your car that didn’t involve handing it over to a dealership to determine the value? Have you accepted a price lower than you wanted just to end the whole process? At Corporate Car Brokers we can explain the key differences when it comes to choosing an independent broker over selling your car privately.

Reasonable or ridiculous offer?

Ever had one of those buyers that takes an hour of your time looking at your car and analysing every single detail to then make an offer that you’re not sure of? Here at Corporate Car Brokers we are confident in knowing what your cars worth should be. However, when privately selling it can get to a point where you will take almost any offer just to end the process. An expert from Corporate Car Brokers is ready to take the required time to accept an offer that we know for sure is cost efficient.

Mechanical questions sorted

It can be hard to know what to answer to technical questions when selling your car privately. Here at Corporate Car Brokers we know that not everyone is a car expert - people can come to a private sale with expectations on getting answers, the difference when using an independent broker is you don’t have to stress about your responses.


When selling your car privately you are open to anyone coming from around the country to look at your car. Corporate Car Brokers know the industry and we have done the networking through our many years of experience. Dealing with buyers can be frustrating when they may not take you seriously as a private seller.

These three factors when selling your car show major differences in choosing between an independent broker over selling privately. We take away the stressful process that exists when organising with a buyer or completing a trade-in deal. At Corporate Car Brokers selling a car is complicated when done privately – We can relieve this inconvenience. Simply call us for a chat on 1300 539 010 or visit our website to find out more.

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